Close and its Activation Procedure

Roku streaming player is the best streaming player available in the market. Don't judge the Roku streaming player with its size. You can watch 100,000 plus movies and tv episodes on Roku streaming player. There are more than 3000 channels available on the Roku. It will be friendly to set up all sorts of people. To watch your favorite shows and channels with perfect picture quality, it is best to prefer Roku. Roku supports HD,4K, or HDR so you can enjoy your streaming experience with Roku.If you got attracted to the Roku streaming player, wish to buy and activate it. Surf to the and activate your device. Or else read this blog and get the complete Roku setup guide.

Best streaming models

Roku express

Easy to handle and set up using the roku remote

Simple remote with channel buttons

Stream HD contents Secure network settings to offer good speed

Roku premiere

Simple remote

Simple and handy remote to select your settings

Stream HD,4K, HDR contents and the streaming quality plays the role

Roku express+

Comes with the audio-video cables

Excellent selection of streaming apps

Voice search and Roku feed feature to begin your search

Roku streaming stick+

Stream HD,4K, HDR

Voice remote with tv controls

Enhanced remote with the tv power and volume buttons

How to setup Roku?

Unbox the Roku device. Hook the power cables. Connect the HDMI cables to both the Roku and the tv. Configure the network to the Roku. Turn on your tv and select the perfect input. Pair the Roku remote. Complete the necessary settings on the Roku. Allow the automatic software update. Surf to and create the Roku account. Sign in to your Roku device using the Roku account. Start streaming your favorite content.

How do I complete my Roku TV setup?

To complete the Roku set up, it has many steps. The set up of the Roku starts from the unpacking of the device and ends with the account creation steps.

How do I unpack the Roku package?

Remove the Roku from the package Check that the components are delivered correctly with the package Place the Roku nearby your tv so that it will be more comfortable for use.

How do I set up hardware for my Roku?

Start to connect the hardware to the Roku and the tv. Firstly, Hook up the power cable to the Roku .Connect the other end of the power cable to the wall outlet. Secondly, you need to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI slot on the tv and the HDMI port on the Roku device. In case if you have the old model tv, Roku gives the solution for your issue. Old model tv may not contain the HDMI port; it only includes the audio-video composite cables. To turn your old model tv to your favorite tv, you can buy the Roku express+ streaming player. As Roku express plus contains composite audio video cables instead of the HDMI cable. After connecting the power cables and HDMI cables turn on your Roku device and your tv. After the power-on check that you have connected to the correct HDMI inputs

What do I need to do to pair my Roku remote?

Insert the fresh and healthy batteries to the remote. Once you insert the batteries to the remote, close the battery cover. If your Roku has the IR remote, you need to pair using the pairing button. In case if you have an enhanced point anywhere remote, it is not necessary to pair manually, it can automatically pair using the point anywhere option

How do I overcome the basic settings of my Roku?

Once the Roku logo appears on the screen, you will be asked to complete the necessary settings on the Roku. Enter the credentials like preferred language, time&date, and location on the device.

How do I complete the Roku wifi setup?

Enter the settings option on the Roku. Move with the wireless network option on the settings. The network option will start to search for the available network. Wait until that your Roku finds your networks name in the list. After getting the list to enter to your router's name and enter the password. Once the wireless network settings are done to the Roku, it will show you about the software update on the device.

How do I proceed with the steps for the software update?

If the wireless network is connected to the device, in case if there is any software update, the device will remind you regarding the software update. The device will automatically start to update the software on the Roku device. After the download, the device will restart and install the software to the device. Wait until the software is installed, don't turn off the Roku or plug out the cable

Even after you complete the setting on the device, it is mandatory to set up the Roku account. To create the account, you will be generated with the activation code on the screen of the Roku. Note the Roku activation code correctly for the future use.

How to activate Roku using the

Connect the Roku and your mobile device or the system to the same wireless network. After connecting to the network, browse to the to enter code. Enter the code carefully without making mistakes as it may create Roku troubleshooting issues. Once you enter Roku link code proceed with the signup procedure. if you start the Roku account setup you will be asked to enter the credentials like the first name, last name, mobile number, email id and set the password to set up Roku account. Check whether it is all over for the Roku account creation on the Roku com link. After the Roku activate steps, don't forget to sign in to your Roku account on the Roku device.

How do I add the channels to my Roku?

There are thousands of channels available on the Roku. They are classifieds into free channels and the paid channel. To activate the free channels, only the Roku account is enough. But to talk about the paid channels, you need to process for the payment steps.

Activate Roku Free channels

Sign in to your Roku account on the Roku device. Open the channel store, and search for the needed channel on the search tab. Once you get the search result, download the channel. After the download open the channel and start to sign in the channel.

If this is done, you will get the activation code on the screen. Visit the channel page and enter the channel activation code. If it prompts you to create the channel account, then proceed with the onscreen instructions. As this is the free channel, so you don’t need to get panic about the payment processing.

What do I need to do to resolve the Roku error code?

This error code 001 appears only when the channel activation goes wrong.o avoid this error code activate the channel carefully.

This error code 003 may occur due to the old version of the software on the device. So to avoid this, always keep your device up to date.

If you are unable to connect your device to the internet, then this error may occur. To avoid this issue, check that your internet connection is healthy and connect your device to a stable network.

If this error occurs, then ensure that your router is active. This issue may only occur if your device is connected to the router, but still, your router is not active.

This error may occur if the software update fails. So check that there is any new update to the software. If yes, then update your software and resolve your issue.

This error commonly occurs if there is a poor connection to the device. Ensure you connect the ethernet cables to the router correctly. Additionally, connect some other device to the router and check the strength.

Frequently asked questions

1.Where do I get the Roku code link?
After completing the necessary settings on the Roku, you will get the Roku link activate on the screen.
2.How do I Activate Roku stick?
Roku stick activation usually is like all the Roku streaming player activation. The process starts from the unboxing the Roku and ends with the Roku account creation.
3.How do I use the create an account?
After completing the initial settings on the Roku, you will get the activation code on the screen. Visit the settings page and enter the code. Provide the needed credentials and create the Roku account.
4.What do I need to do If my not working?
If the link is not working, check that there is the proper connection to the device which you use for the activation. So check the network connection properly on the device and visit the Roku link activate enter code page to create the account.